Habitat Home Ownership Opportunities

Habitat Partner Qualifications

Families are welcome to apply during a set period each year, and are selected based on the following:

  1. Need: An applicant is considered in need if they pay more than 30% of their income towards rent, the home they are living in is too small for the number of people, their home itself is substandard or unsafe (the roof leaks, the plumbing or wiring is bad, etc.) and/or children do not have safe space to live and play.

  2. Ability to Pay: Habitat sells newly-constructed homes to family partners at cost, with no interest. We use a mortgage that is structured to be no more than 30% of each family’s monthly earnings. Habitat seeks family partners earning about 40-80% of the area median income (this amount fluctuates from year to year).

  3. Willingness to Partner: Habitat for Humanity requires each partner to commit to 500 hours of “Sweat Equity” (volunteer work time). The head(s) of the household who will be living in the home must complete 250 of these hours, and the additional 250 can be done by friends and family. 100 of each family’s hours must be participation in home construction. “Sweat equity” hours help families gain a sense of pride in home ownership as well as a better understanding of the building process.

  4. Residency: Habitat for Humanity of Missoula applicants requires must have lived or worked in Missoula County for at least one year prior to submitting an application.

Applications for the 2023 building season are due December 2nd at 5:00 PM. Please call (406) 541-8520 with any questions.

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