Jason Gutzmer

Jason Gutzmer is a father, husband, educator, artist, designer, and builder with a passion for regenerative systems and invention. Jason is from Missoula Montana, USA but a citizen of the world. In 1996 he co-founded an arts, ecology and service project, where he lived and worked for many years in both Central and South America, and most recently worked as a green building and arts educator in Indonesia at the internationally renowned Green School Bali. He has gathered countless experiences observing and working alongside people from all over the world creating projects to go beyond sustainability. Jason grew up drawing, designing and building forts and renovating old houses before he was a teen. His late father was a musician, luthier, carpenter, furniture and cabinet maker and taught him to use the tools of the trades and a can-do attitude for problem solving. After Jason began working abroad and studying permaculture and green building he saw a need to challenge the status quo in how we deal with our needs in the USA.  He designed and built the house he lives in with innumerable permaculture features. He founded Beyond Building (www.beyond-building.org) in 2020 to integrate regenerative design, education, and construction into an ethics based, systems thinking approach to solve for our needs of shelter, energy, food and community. Jason’s credo “get out of the box!”